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Visual Forum 2015 – the visualization conference of the year

25 November 2015
Anders Ynnerman från Visualiseringscenter C visar insidan på en meteorit från Mars, under Visual Forum 2015
More than 200 conference visitors participated in Visual Forum 2015 at Lindholmen Science Park on November 18. Visitors were inspired by digital cities, virtual autopsies and 3D experiences.

The conference featured presentations by both national and international speakers. At the exciting exhibition, visitors were able to test and study various products, services and concept ideas. The environment provided the opportunity for companies, academia and the public sector to meet and open their eyes to new development opportunities and collaboration.

“This year’s exhibition environment is slightly different. It encouraged people to mingle and network. The opportunity to meet and discuss with the invited speakers seemed particularly popular among the visitors,” says Åsa Andblad, Project Manager of Visual Arena at Lindholmen Science Park.

thumb_dsc_0091_1024.jpgThe exhibition included ESI, which transported its 3D equipment all the way from the UK. Many wanted to test their 3D glasses and to experience and virtually examine a prototype of a car engine and its components in the CAD design.

The conference involved many different subject areas within visualization, both in terms of breadth and depth. For example, participants were able to see urban development in various forms – how drones can be used to help in the building of houses, the influence of citizens through digital platforms, and experience digital cities through games. 

Alenka Poplin from Iowa University explained how games can be used in urban development. She has been involved in the development of a playful digital environment where citizens receive information about current situations in the city district where they live, have the opportunity to submit their own proposals, vote for proposals, and chat with experts and other participants of the game.

“It is a tool that could influence the work methods of the future by providing various players with the opportunity to experiment and provide change of perspective. This will enable understanding between involved parties in the development process by making each perspective and all challenges visible,” explained Alenka Poplin.

Elina Vartiainen from ABB highlighted the importance of tactile feedback on the operating controls as a complement to the digital monitoring environment. Furthermore, in-depth studies in deep learning and deep imaging are offered, as well as the creation of digital 3D environments from 2D images, by Kalle Åström (Lund University), Devdatt Dubhashi (Chalmers), Tapani Raiko (Aalto University) and Fredrik Kahl (Chalmers). Erik Kruse from Ericsson explained how the technology has changed major aspects of life, how we interact with each other and how products are more frequently becoming services.

Anders Ynnerman from the Visualization Center C ended the day with a sensational presentation of a virtual autopsy, a 3D printed piece of jewelry from a mummy whose jewelry has never left the encapsulation, the inside of a meteorite from Mars and much more. Anders demonstrated how the technology, developed by him and his team, could show things that you never thought possible a few years ago. A spectacular final to an exciting and momentous day.