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Visual Forum 2015

Visual Revolution

We are on the brink of a visual revolution. Picture this, five years from now displays will be everywhere. There will be holograms and smart materials that provide us with visual presentations both in public and private environments, and Virtual realities allows us to create private environments when and where we wish. The smart textiles in our clothes will be able to change to reflect things about us as well as measure things about us and our surroundings. 

This will make us live in a smart city where we already have connectivity, not only through the information we can get but how we can interact with both the digital and non-digital environment seamlessly through using our bodies directly. Autonomous systems will react to us and help us in our endeavours, ranging from driving vehicles for us when we do not wish to do so ourselves to being ourcognitive companions that advise us in, or even relieve us from, decision making. 

Conference Programme and Presentations

You will be able to down load the presentation by clicking on the name of the presentation.

08.20 Registration / Exhibition / Coffee        
09.00 Welcome
Fredrik Berling

Semantic Structure from Motion, Mapping and Localization
Kalle Åström


Visualization in Industrial Environments - Bringing back the Feeling
Elina Vartiainen


Visual presentations for Operator support
Åsa Fasth-Berglund

10.35 Exhibition / Coffee        

Understanding Convolutional Networks
Tapani Raiko

11.40 Visualization and Robotics: A Case Study
Patrick Doherty
12.05 Big Data, Deep Learning and Cognitive Computing
Devdatt Dubhashi
12.25 Exhibition / Lunch        
13.40 GeoVisualization for Civic Engagement and Smart Cities
Alenka Poplin

Living cities in Cities: Skylines
Karoliina Korppoo


Networked Society
Erik Kruse

15.25 Exhibition / Coffee        

Reconstructing Large-Scale 3D Models from Images
Fredrik Kahl

16.10 Inside Information - From Martian Meteorites to Mummies
Anders Ynnerman
16.50 End of Conference
Fredrik Berling
17.00 Exhibition        
17.30 End of Exhibition